How To Buy

To buy our product :

1. Send money according to product price to following :
    PAYPAL :
    LIBERTY RESERVE : U4331044

If you don't have account at the above payment processor, then feel free to
register one by simply clicking the following image :


2. Send email to to inform us
    which product you want to buy based on product code
    And also specify your email address. We will send the product
    to your email address.

3. After make confirmation of your payment, I will send you the file.

For Indonesian buyer :

1. Transfer pembayaran ke rekening :
    BII No. Rek. 1045103165 a/n Hendra Himawan
    Cat :
    Anda juga bisa tetap membayar melalui ketiga payment processor diatas.

2. Kirim email ke dengan berisi keterangan
    produk mana yang akan dibeli (kode barang) dan email anda. Kami akan
    mengirimkan produk ke email anda

3. Setelah melakukan konfirmasi pembayaran, kami akan segera mengirim